The Woman Who Started It All


Anita Campbell - Spokeswoman & CEO, Infinity Women Secretariat


Anita, a Metis woman from the community of Duck Bay, created IWS to address and support issues that affect Metis women in this province. There was a lack of resources, information, and assistance for Metis women in Manitoba; as such, Anita worked together with Loretta Boulard and Muriel Parker to create an affiliate to the Metis Government especially for Metis women. Through IWS, Anita is playing a significant role in the development of programs and services that address the social, education, cultural, employment and training issues throughout the province. She strives to ensure that programs and services are offered to assist Metis women with gaining a better quality of life.

Anita is married to Mike McIvor and has a blended family of 3 sons, 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Anita received her education through the Red River College Business Management Program, along with numerous workshops/seminars, training sessions and mostly through life learning opportunities and experiences.  Anita spent her childhood and teenage years in the City of Winnipeg. After high school, she moved to the City of Thompson, where she spent 35 years living and working before returning to Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Along with being the Spokeswoman of IWS, Anita is currently the Chief Administrative Officer with the MMF, as of September 1, 2016. Through MMF’s Constitution, she is also a Caucus & Cabinet Member of the MMF, with additional appointments to other Boards & Committees. She is:

·       the MMF Minister of Finance and Human Resources,

·       on the Boards of LRCC and MEDO

·       Trustee to Metis N4,

·       Chair of the Finance & HR Committee and Chair of the Regional Administrator’s Committee,

·       Member of the HRD Committee, the Early Learning & Child Care Committee, the Provincial Education Committee, just to name a few.

Anita is a very busy woman! In total, there are about 8 or 9 other areas of responsibilities beyond IWS.  She’s also taken the lead role in the review and revisions of the By-laws for the Metis Child & Family Services Authority, the Michif Child & Family Services Agency, the Metis Child, Family & Community Services Agency and the Louis Riel Institute.

Previous to working with the MMF, Anita was employed with the Ma-Mow-We-Tak Friendship Centre for 35 years and held the position of Executive Director for 23 years.  Under her direction and leadership, the Ma-Mow-We-Tak Friendship Centre has taken on several projects which have become self-sustaining within the City of Thompson: the Thompson Urban Aboriginal Strategy, Thompson Neighborhood Renewal Corporation, Futures and the Nanatowiho Homeless Shelter.  The dream of a new Friendship Centre came to fruition under Anita's lead in May of 2011.  

For her commitment to working with the community, Anita was presented the provincial award for Community Development from the Original Women’s Network in 2001, the Interprovincial Association on Native Employment (IANE) Bill Hanson Award in 2007, the Thompson Trail Breakers Award for Community Leadership in 2011. She received the Governor-General of Canada’s Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers in recognition of outstanding Indigenous Leadership in June 2017.